We are proud of not only the level of service we give our clients, but also the caring and professional way we deliver these services day after day and, therefore, it is with much pride that we can share with you many of the kind comments our clients have said about us. We hope these comments will help you to know us better and to experience more clearly the kind of firm we are. Every one of these comments was unsolicited.

Dear James:

Enclosed is tombstone to remember the completion of the Progressive Plastics transaction with Alpha Packaging that closed in December 2010. We enjoyed working with you on this transaction and appreciate your contribution to making this transaction a sucess.

John Hart
P & M Corporate Finance, LLC
Investment Banking for the Middle Market

I want to thank you for the excellent service and support you have given to YES in serving as its independent auditor... Thanks again for your personal friendship and your kindness and generosity to YES.
J W,

Your forecast impressed the two bankers. National City gave us the better deal and we soon will sign a three year note with them. I also got a contract with BP Alaska so year number one is on target. W L , Unsolicited

Thank you so much for the excellent work you've done for us! K K, Unsolicited

I just read your article in the Small Business section of today's "Plain Dealer". What a great idea, and so simple! It will be very easy to create a budget. Thank you. I hope I can meet you sometime. B F, Unsolicited

You are one of our blessings...Obtaining your services was the smartest thing we ever did. E C, Unsolicited

I always feel like I'm the only client you have. T K, Unsolicited

You give a strong impression that you are working to save me money, not the federal government. D H, Added survey comments

Our interactions with you and your staff are always pleasant. D K, Unsolicited

We couldn't have asked for better service.
R W, unsolicited

I'm happy to refer clients to you. I know they'll recieve top notch service. R D, Unsolicited

I appreciate your cooperation and excellent handling of my account. Many thanks. If anyone is looking for a job well done, we'll be very happy to recommend your firm. E N, Added survey comments

You are excellent at getting my financial reports and tax returns back to me promptly. T K, Unsolicited

Thanks for all you do for the Endowment Trust!!... Your generosity is much appreciated by us all. J J, Unsolicited

Thanks for a good and thorough job, as always! T K, Unsolicited

Thank you for making things so easy. M L, Unsolicited

You take the time to explain things clearly. Survey Response, 100%

Thank you for your fine work again this year. J D, Unsolicited

We were most pleased with this year's results! J S, Unsolicited

You save me taxes. Off the scale! Terrific! T K, Added survey comment

You're there when I need you. You return phone calls promptly. You make me feel important. Survey Response, 100%

I very much appreciate your fine advice and the thoroughness of the returns and the materials sent to me. F S, Unsolicited

I was very pleased with everything. I thought you would like a little surprise from California. A W, Unsolicited

Thank you for all the fine work dealing with the IRS for us and for the prompt, professional work done on our taxes. Also, thanks for your courtesy and financial advice (and patience). L M, Unsolicited

We greatly appreciate your diligent work. M T, Unsolicited

You communicate with me. Survey Response, 100%

Tax prep this year was less than last year! Wow! T K, Added survey comments

Thanks for the great help you gave me last year. L S, Unsolicited

I appreciate your very good service. A W, Unsolicited

Thank you so much for your thoroughness. S B, Unsolicited

You get my financial reports and tax returns back to me promptly. Survey Response, 100%

Thanks for being so great about all this. J R, Unsolicited

I am very pleased to get a "no change" decision from the IRS. I sincerely thank you for your efforts. You did a great job! L W, Unsolicited

I appreciate the very business like fashion my work was handled. Many thanks. J N, Added survey comments

I am pleased with your services and to have you as a friend. G C, Unsolicited

I am very happy with the services you have provided. The information has helped me with my financial decisions. P M, Unsolicited

Thank you for getting our work done so quickly and efficiently! L M, Unsolicited

Thank you and your staff for all your help these past few years. B K, Unsolicited

You communicate with me very well. T K, Unsolicited

You save me taxes. Survey Response, 100%

Thank you very much for all of your diligence and zeal! C B, Unsolicited

Thanks for getting our work done so fast. L F, Unsolicited

Thank you for your assistance and professionalism. I appreciate the extra work done to find another $400! Every little bit helps. G G, Unsolicited

Thanks for the nice job on the taxes. Let me know when we can get started on the financial planning. R G, Unsolicited

You give me the financial reports I need to help me run my business and increase profits. Survey Response, 100%

Just great, like every year! T K, Added survey comments

Thank you for taking such good care of me. A W, Unsolicited

Thank you for your patience. You can't believe how much you have helped us. God bless you! W G, Unsolicited

I have been very satisfied. A W, Unsolicited

Thanks for all your help and understanding. D K, Unsolicited

Thank you for your prompt response. B J, Unsolicited

You save me money. Survey Response, 100%

We are always so pleased with your work. C N, Added survey comments

Thank you for being so kind and thoughtful. G C, Unsolicited

Thank you for your great service. R R, Unsolicited

As usual you have done a good job. A W, Unsolicited

Thank you for such good service. L M, Unsolicited

I am very pleased with the good news. A W, Unsolicited

Great job!! T E, Added survey comments

Thank you for your good service. G P, Unsolicited

Thank you for all your help. Looking forward to seeing you next year. G C, Unsolicited

Thanks for everything!!! J M, Added survey comments

Thanks for your generous contribution of services. Hope you have a good holiday season. M B, Unsolicited


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